Friday, October 26, 2007

The Oliver Family

Camille's Grandfather recently passed away, which was a very sad loss, but gave us the opportunity to reunite with her mother's side of the family in Toppenish, Washington. All of the Oliver grandchildren were finally in the same place at the same time. We really had a wonderful time reminiscing with aunts, uncles, and cousins. We especially enjoyed talking about our great memories of Grandpa Wendell and Grandma Lee.The Originals: The children of Wendell and Lee Oliver: Left- Tammie, Kent, and Lynn (Camille's mom)
Left front: Tammie Howard, Bonnie Oliver, and Lynn Park. Left Back: Mike Howard, Kent Oliver, and Tom Park
The Whole Family: Left front: Tucker Memmott, Walker Memmott, Cassidy Park, Nichole Park, Bailey Park, River Howard, Forrest Howard, Maddie Park, Caleb Park, and Bonnie Oliver. Second Row Left: Lynn Park, Traci Park Memmott, Shane Park, Averie Park, Mike Howard, Tammie Howard, Hannanh Park, Wendi Oliver, Kyle Oliver, and Kent Oliver. Third Row Left: Tom Park, Chris Memmott, Tyson Park, Brian Rupp, Camille Park Rupp, and Justin Park. Missing from photo Jana Park and Elaine Park.
Lynn Lee Oliver Park: Husband-Thomas Park; Children- Traci (40) (Chris), Justin (37) (Jana), Tyson (32), Shane (30) (Nichole), and Camille (26) (Brian).
Kent Wendell Oliver: Wife- Bonnie Hamm Oliver; Children- Wendi (18) and Kyle (16)
Tammie Ann Oliver-Howard: Husband- Michael Howard; Children- Forrest (8), River (6)

The Oliver Grandchildren: Shane, Camille, Traci, Tyson, Justin (Children of Lynn) Wendi and Kyle (Children of Kent)
Forrest and River (Children of Tammie)

The Next Generation: The Oliver Great-grandchildren
Front Left: Averie Park (3), Cassidy Park (4) (Shane); Tucker Memmott (8) (Traci); Caleb Park (5) (Justin).
Second Row Left: Bailey Park (1) (Shane); Walker Memmott (11)(Traci); Hannah Park (12), Maddie Park(9) (Justin). Missing: Elaine Park ( 1 week)(Justin)