Thursday, November 13, 2008

You & Me & BABY makes 3

You read that correctly. We're PREGNANT! I know it is hard for some of you to believe, but after about a year of trying, we're having a baby.
Baby Rupp is Due May 14th, just in time for Brian to Graduate. What great planners we are.
We are super excited and anxiously await the arrival of our little, or BIG bundle of joy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

From Moscow to Denver and Back in 72 Hours

Last weekend we drove 19 hours from Idaho to Denver, Colorado for a logger sports chopping show at Colorado State University. We left with 5 other members of the University of Idaho Logger Sports team from Moscow Thursday evening. Drove all night through Montana. Arrived in Wyoming just in-time to enjoy all of its flatness in the day light. And finally hit Fort Collins (just north of Denver)in the early afternoon.

We dropped off Brian's Teammates at the hotel and we headed 40 miles south to Thornton for a visit with my brother Shane's family. Unfortunately, Shane wasn't there that weekend because he was working in Texas. But we got to hang out with his wife, Nichole, and three funny kids.

Me and the kiddos. I had so much fun. Since they live so far away I couldn't pass up the chance to drive all the way to Colorado to see them. They are so funny. We colored, watched movies, and even played hide and go seek. It was so worth the trip.

This is Miss Bailee showing off part of her Halloween costume. The whole family dressed up as the Wizard of Oz characters. She was obviously the Cowardly Lion. My sister-in-law couldn't find a Lion costume she liked, so she improvised by sewing a curly mane onto a teddy bear costume. It was so flippin' cute. Even Brian loved it.

Bailee in all her glory. Shane and Nichole call her their Psycho Child...not because she is bad...she is just a little loud and crazy. She is a HOOT!

Averie is so sweet. When she wants your attention she always says "excuse me, excuse me."

And last, but definitely not least, Cassidy. He is definitely his dad's son. His mannerisms, the way he rolls his eyes and the way he is with his little sisters. He cracks me up. Such a cute kid.

When we got to their house the girls were napping, so Brian, Cass, and I were just hanging out. Then the girlies came down one at a time. Averie talked our ears off, but Bailee was the funniest. My brother Shane has been in Texas for a while and all of his kids miss him a ton. So when Bai came down the stairs and she saw Brian lying on the couch, she started shouting "daddy, daddy, daddy". She jumped on him, and then the reality that Brian was not her daddy hit her and she immediately ran to her mom. None of the kids have been around Brian all that much, so throughout the night he was either known as "hey, hey", or Uncle Tyson(one of my other brothers). But Bailee held onto to calling him Daddy all night. It was so cute.

The next morning Brian left early for his competition, and Nichole, the kids, and I went over later in the morning. The event was held at the CSU equine center. (VERY NICE-AND INDOORS)
The competition was set in heats, so you had to qualify to continue through the competition. Brian competed in the Hard Chop, Speed Chop, Jack and Jill Speed Chop, and various "throwing events". This is a picture of him after he finished chopping his block to win the Overall Hard Chop Competition.

One of the Competition Brackets. Notice who the winner is....When some of the other competitors first saw Brian they thought he was from Russia...Brian VonRuppski

Championship Speed Chop. Brian is like an Ox. He is so strong. This is a timed event, but he doesn't chop as fast as most guys. Instead he just hits hard. On some of his chops he got through the back side of the log in four hits. Holy COW!

Unfortunately, Brian never got to finish his final event-the Jack and Jill Speed Chop. When he stepped onto the log he slid his hand up the neck of his axe, and gashed his finger. This is a short clip of the first aid in action.

Like all good injuries, this one ended up in the Emergency room.

Lucky for Brian VonRuppski,he only had to have the cut glued shut. NO STITCHES. And the doctor cleared him to compete again at the next competition in two weeks. Phew!

This is a great Pic of Brians teammates...They were so sweet to let me tag along with them. COnGraTUlaTiOns U of I Logger Sports Team. You are a great bunch of kids!