Sunday, May 4, 2008

Logger Sports

So those of you who know Brian and I, know that we are not your typical people. I like shopping, decorating, and sports. Brian on the other hand is into farming, logging, hunting, and anything burley and manly. Over the past school year he participated on the University of Idaho Logger Sports Team. What an adventure. I attended my first, and also Brian's first, meet about the first of April. It was a long cold day, but loads of fun. Brian has also had the opportunity to travel to a competition in Montana, where he improved greatly in all of his events. He hopes to keep it up long enought to go to all of the competitions next year, and make it to the Conclave- Western Collegiate competition. So I thought that I would share with all of you Brian's new past-time.

Horizontal Chop

This is Brian's main event. A log is placed horizontally on a stand. The participant stands on the log and chops in between his feet. (It is a little scary, but they do wear protective gear.) It is not technically a timed event, but each participant has 5 minutes to chop the their log in half. It is a competition of technique, so the least amount of hits wins.

Verticle Chop

This is Adrian Flygt from the Colorado State University Logger Sports Team. He is a newbee to the sport but just last week won the Western Collegiate Series in Logger Sports. The verical chop is obviously a log placed vertically on a stand. This event is more about technique just like the horizontal chop. Each participant has 5 minutes to chop a log in half-using the least amount of chops possible.

Obstacle Pole

This is Brian's buddy Cheyanne Yancey doing the Obstacle Pole. The participants starts at the end of a leaning log with a chain saw in hand. When the whistle blows he runs around to the other end of the log, quickly walks up it, and then attempts to cut a "cookie" off the end. He then races back down the log and around to the starting position. Disqualifications may accure due to falling off the log, cutting the "cookie" incorrectly, or stepping over the white line.

Pole Climb

The participants strap on some spurs and a harness, then climb to their marked destination. First one there wins.

Axe Throw

The name pretty much explains the event. You throw and axe at a target, the closest person wins. This was Brian's very first time with the axe throw...He said he'll work on it for next year.

Caber Toss

This event is pretty simple. You have a big log weighing 80-100 pounds and about 8 feet long. Then you pick it up and toss it, attempting to flip it end over end. The longest toss wins.