Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Week with the Folks

The first week in September my mom and dad made the big trek to Pullman for a little time away. We had so much fun while they were here. We went to a Rodeo, the Palouse Empire Fair, an Antique Show near Ceour D'Alene, and we even canned some peaches. We all relaxed a bit, and we had a lot of laughs. It was so nice to have them in our home. We keep trying to convince them to leave Nephi and move closer to Washington, but who knows if that will happen. No matter what we are so grateful for them and love them loads.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TOM PETTY & The Heartbreakers

So, it has been almost a month since I posted a new blog. And I have to apologize because I did try to blog, but every time I uploaded something, something would happen to our Clearwire. But, Oh well, I am here now. These pictures are a touch dated, but I had to share them with you because the whole experience was so awesome. For Brian's Birthday, which is May 9th, I decided to splurge and buy him two tickets to the Tom Petty concert. I started looking on-line weeks before, but couldn't find anything that I felt I could afford. So my coworker, who is an avid e-bay user, helped me look up some tickets there. We found an awesome deal for two floor seats. So I bit the big one and bought the tickets.
Brian's favorite Tom Petty song is called "Running Down a Dream". So for his birthday gift I bought him a pair of Nike running shoes, and taped the tickets on the inside of the box lid, with a little Poem about "Running". It was so funny because he was so excited about the shoes that he totally over looked the tickets taped inside the lid.

The Concert wasn't until August so we had to wait almost 3 months to go, but it was worth it. The day of the concert we left Pullman with plenty of time to make it for the opening act. Two and a half hours later we entered George, Washington, which is the location of the Gorge (that is the concert arena)...Anyways, we were just going to make it, when we got stuck in traffic. Now the Gorge is on the banks of the Columbia River, which is also covered with corn fields. Apparently there was an accident, so the concert traffic was re-routed through the corn fields. We honestly moved 5 miles in and hour, and completely missed Steve Winword. So when we finally reached the Gorge it was about a million degrees, but we ran so that we would miss Tom Petty. I had been to the Gorge a few time before, but this was Brian's very first concert ever, so he was a little surprised to see how awesome the venue was. We made it to our seat, where we were greeted by many drunk, high, sticky people. The couple who sat next to us had flown all the way from Pennsylvania, just for the concert. CRAZY! Obviously Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are supporters of pot, considering one of there songs is called "Last Dance with Mary Jane". But my heavens, when the lights went out in the crowd and the lights went on the stage- the lighters started flickering in the crowd. IT was so funny. By the middle of the concert, my stomach was growing, so I leaned over to Brian and told him I was SO HUNGRY. He just laughed at me- Maybe I had a non-contact case of the munchies. Anyway, Brian loved the concert. We had so much fun, and The Heartbreakers put on a great show. We hope you enjoy our stories and pictures as much as we enjoyed the concert.