Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yes, We are still alive!

Wow! It has been a really long time since I last posted anything here. I blame it mostly on the fact that I now have a SIX MONTH old, and a husband who is now at home...I will explain. Since the beginning of the summer until now, we have been GO, GO, GO. Now that Christmas is upon us, I thought I would stop for a moment and ponder all of the great things that have been happening in our lives.

So, when I left you last, Sawyer had just turned three months old. That was August. Over Labor Day weekend we moved out of Brian's parents home (Who we are so grateful to)to the nearby town of Kooskia (Pronounced Koo-ski). We totally scored when my sister-in-law's, Michelle, in-laws needed someone to stay at their newly remodelled home while the went on their mission to the Canary Islands. The house is so nice, and we love the fact that it is just US.

Brian continued to work for Northwest Management, a company based in Moscow, ID, through the rest of the summer and fall. The job was good in that he got a lot of great experience cruising timber, but he was gone during the week. So this is why I now say my husband is at home. He would get up at 4:30ish on Monday morning, drive about 2 hours to Moscow, get his weekly assignment, and then drive to where ever he was needed for that week. He spent a lot of time in Montana and Northern Idaho. Most of his days were spent either hiking through the woods measuring trees and working on prescribed fires, or driving. He would usually make it home in the later evening on Fridays. Saturdays were usually a blurr, and then Sunday was usually a race to get packed after church, and make it to bed by 11:00.
As of the week before Thanksgiving he has been Laid Off. Which was totally expected. So for now he is working at his uncles tire store "Busting Tire", and is happily home every night. I have to admit that having him home has been a bit of an adjustment. For most of the fall I had resorted back to college instincts of eating cereal for dinner, running the dishwasher once a week, and staying up late watching my girly movies. Now, I run a full load of dishes almost daily. Dinner takes a little more planning and preparation. And he is a bit on the messy side. BUT I love having him home. SO does Sawyer. It is so nice to know that I don't have to go to bed in an empty house, wake up in an empty house, eat meals alone, and pretty much be alone 24/7. WE just love being together again.
As for me, I have taken on a part time receptionist job at the local cedar mill. Our friends own it, so I can come and go pretty much as I please, and even take Sawyer to work with me. He is a really good baby, so it makes it easy to do that. WE are so grateful to our friends for allowing me to work for them. I have also taken on another side job of Clerking for another friend's auction company. It is really fun, especially since I was raised browsing in antique shops, second hand stores, and flea markets. I have a lot of fun, and I try my darnedest not to spend the money I am earning.
Now, on to Sawyer. What can I say...He is the light of our lives. I know I am so cheesy, but I think everyday either Brian or I comment on how much we love our CUTE little boy. He started rolling over in September...the way we found this out was when we left him on a bed and then came back to find him on the floor. This little incident led to a visit to the ER...just to make sure he was okay. (We might be a little overprotective). He loves to play with his toys and watch Baby Einstein or Elmo, while I take a few moments to shower and get ready for the day. He loves to smile and giggle and kick and flap his arms. And just recently he started eating baby food. He is really moving up in the world. He loves his Grandma Jolene. He gets so excited when she comes to visit. And he loves other kids. He could watch other kids play for hours.
Anyways, That is just a summary of what we have been up to. I promise to post later about all of the fun things we have been doing and have done.
As for now Adios!