Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ALOHA from Hawaii!!

Aloha! So we are sure many of you were shocked to hear about our impromptu trip so here is our explaination. Brian's cousin Shane announced his engagement clear back last Spring. The entire summer and fall we debated on whether we were going to venture to Hawaii for the wedding. Well, we finally decide to bite the bullet and booked our ticket 4 days before the wedding. It was the most spontaneous and fun thing we have ever done. We mostly hung out at the beach, but it was amazing. We loved it and plan on going back as soon as we can. So Mahalo (thanks) for visiting our blog and we hope that you enjoy the slide shows. FYI- Most of the photos were taken by Brenda Rupp, Brian's younger sister.


Bret said...

Brian and Camille...looks great! It was good to see you guys over the holidays.


PS I think you should post a picture of Brian's gun and the deer...

Melissa Niu said...

Looks like so much fun...very jealous!

Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

How awesome to make a trip to Hawaii. I hope to go...someday! Looks like it would have been a great wedding reception. You look smoking hot in you red dress!!

Anonymous said...

Camille, I found your blog and I've been loving your recent posts. I hope it's ok that's I've been taking a peak. Shane and I have wanted to go to Hawaii for SO long, the pictures you took are gorgeous!

Lina&Shane Rupp said...

aloha cousins!
howz it? i really like this page. you guys are sooo cooL. we luv u both.
p.s we should plan on goin back to, we are so for reaLs...let us know!
and maybe we can get some huge avocados..bahahahbahahaha