Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Friends and Not so Good Cougs

Every Football Season Brian and I like to invite all of our old cronies back to Pullman for a little reunion. This year we chose the weekend that the Cougs were playing USC. Little did we know this summer when we bought the tickets that the Cougs were going to have a "regrouping" season, so we opted to get good seats.

Well, as most of you know USC is in the Top 10 this year, and the Cougs are not ranked at all. So the stadium was pretty empty on the student side. We bought seats on the front row of the Alumni side, but we had a hard time seeing. SO about five minutes into the game we packed up our stuff and moved to the section where we all felt more at home...The student section.
Needless to say, the game was terrible. I think the final score was WSU 0, USC 69. No lie. But the company was awesome, so we had a lot of fun

Andy and Brian- "Enjoying the Game"

At this point we had had enough and left the cold game for home. Oh Well! Go COUGS!


tara said...

so glad to finally hear from you and when i'm involved no less! well done. the company definitly did outweigh the coug's performance. thanks again for the digs

Natalie said...

Hello Rupps,

We feel your pain! We bought tickets to WSU vs. UCLA this year and it was a bad loss as well. We had a great time at Rose Bowl Stadium and we will be going back (after the Cougs get good again)! Hope everything is well on the Palouse.
Miss you guys,

Brett & Natalie Remund

Ryan and Holly said...

Ouch! I haven't kept up with the red cougs this fall. Sorry for the dissappointment. I'm sure you had fun regardless!

Philip and Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, that scoreboard is totally depressing. they just need gesser back :-)