Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sawyer is 3 MONTHS Old! My, how time flies!

I know I am a terrible blogger. I say it every time I make a post. But I knew that I had to post something today because my little Sawyer Boy is turning 3 months old. CRAZY! I know most of you, my pals, already have older kids, so 3 months is no biggie, but I can't believe how fast they grow up.

I took Sawyer out in the yard today for a little photo shoot. I know they're not the greatest, but it is the best I could do with my little pink camera.
Sawyer has grown so much in the past few weeks.

- He thinks the sound of his own voice is Hillarious and would rather talk than eat.

- He loved meeting new people, and tends to carry on long drawn out conversations with them. (Now where did he get that from)

- He now weighs 15+ pounds (I know! But he is solid, not too chubby. Just long)And loves to Kick, Kick, Kick when he is naked.

- He can hold his head up really well, and likes to do what I call "Standies".

- He has discovered that his toes can be inserted into his mouth.

- He has learned that stiffening his body into a ridgid ironing board makes it more difficult for Mom and Dad to put him in his car seat. But he also his pretty happy once he is in the car seat because he get to talk to his to best friends, Larry the Lion and Berty the Butterfly.

- Sawyer loves it when his daddy comes home from his 10 day rotations at work. He absolutely loves to fall asleep on Brian's chest. Isn't that cute.

- Sawyer loves it when Grizz gives him kisses on his toes, and hands, and sometimes face.

- And to make-up for the fact that he is not a very good napper, he sleeps pretty darn good at night, and always greets Mom with a smile when she comes to get him out of bed.

- He now rides face forward in the stroller, which makes working-out with Mom a lot more fun. Plus his buddy Monty the Monkey is there too. (Aunt Brenda named all of his toys)

- I am usually the photographer, so today I had to take a few pics of me and the boy. Plus he was wearing my favorite shirt (Thanks Leslie), so we had to do some mommy and me photos.

This is Grizz's attempt at being part of the photo shoot. He did a pretty good job, wouldn't ya say?

Over the past few months we have been busy running Hither and Thither.
We went to the Rupp Family Reunion in June at Dworsak Reseviour (where he took a bath in metal pot), had our first family picture taken, and then ended the weekend by having Sawyer blessed by his daddy, grandpas, uncles, and close friends.

Then Sawyer and I drove 14 hours to visit Grandma Lynn and Papa Tom in Utah for three weeks in July. While there he played with cousins, went to his first rodeo, and got to take his first plane ride home.

We spent most of July hanging out at Grandma Jolene's and are now making plans to move to Kooskia in September. For those of you that are not familiar the area we live, Kooskia is 7 miles South East of Kamiah...basically, somewhere in the mountains near the Clearwater River.
Well, Sawyer is getting hungry, so I better sign off. Hope you enjoyed this random, yet informative post.


April said...

super cute pics!! love that one of sawyer sleeping on brian. and the one of him in the metal bowl. since you'll be living close permanently we should get together...

Annie Nielson said...

Sawyer is so cute--I can't tell who he looks like though. In some pics he looks like a Park baby and some pics he looks like Brian. He must be a pretty good mix :)

I think you should post pics of his crib set. Didn't you make it??

So why are you moving to that K word place--I can't remember how to spell it, haha.

I hope things are going well. And keep up on those posts :)

Mike and Jen said...

this post made me miss you! he is so cute cam! i love him (and you and brian are pretty cool too).

The LaFontaines said...

Thanks for the update and all the great pics! What a big boy! Avery is just now about 12 lbs. and she's got 1.5 months on Sawyer. :) I'm glad you guys are doing so well! It really is a lot of fun to watch our little ones grow so quickly!

The Wright's said...

He is so stinkin cute!! I can't believe how big he is already!! My little boy weighed 21 lbs by the time he was six months!! Just wait...your going to get a workout packing him around!! I wish I could have talked to you at the is so crazy to see so many people!! Are you going to the reunion??

Jakoye said...

I am so glad that I got to see Sawyer when you were here. I agree that babies do grow up fast, Kaitlyn starts pre school in a few weeks and Abbie is taking dancing this year......time flies!!! Enjoy him while he is a baby...soon he will be naughty toddler!!! ;)

tara said...

yay for updates! love you so much and glad to hear to hear you're movin on...are you excited or not so much? let me know. we need to talk soon and one of us definitly needs to make a cross-washington visit one of these first days. love ya buddy. can't wait to see that boy again!

Mommy #1 said...

SOOOOO fun! Isn't it amazing how all the things they are learning are somehow new to you, too!

miriam said...

oh my goodness Camille! Sawyer is SO adorable!! love the pictures!

Ryan and Holly said...

Oh, my cuteness! Sawyer is quite the little man! Someday I hope we get to meet him (and see you and Brian, too!). So glad to hear you guys are doing good. Kooskia, huh, we drove through there once and needed a hotel, we ended up going to Kamiah because there wasn't one! Yeah for small towns!!

Carrie said...

Camille, it looks like you are enjoying motherhood, and all the sleepless nights too;) Good luck in your new house! He looks so cuddly and he's Adorable!

Harpers said...

Those pictures are so cute Camille! Great post. I can't wait to see "YoYo" this weekend!

Philip and Melissa said...

what a fun post!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he love's his mommy :-)

Philip and Melissa said...

what a fun post!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he love's his mommy :-)

Brandon McMullen said...

this person is using some of your pictures as her own

Brandon McMullen said...
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Brandon McMullen said...
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