Monday, June 30, 2008

Colter Lynn Memmott

I just have to show off the cutest newborn in the world.
Introducing our newest nephew Colter.
What a cutie. He is my (Camille's) sister's baby. He is such a sweet little blessing for their family. Walker and Tucker are going to be the most amazing big brothers. Congratulations Memmott Family! We love you!
P.S. I couldn't get the cutests picture to upload so click on the "X" in the blank box.


NicKim Family said...

Oh...don't you LOVE babies!! Cute pictures!

Philip and Melissa said...

Camille!!!! that is so awesome...AND how fabulous that you're designing dresses!!! you need to get them on etsy ...have you thought about that?

tara said...

when did this happen??? i thought i was totally in the camille loop and then you go and make a dress line without my knowledge?!? congrats! how is it working for ya? if this next one is a she...yikes...but if it is, i'll definitly look you up. congrats on the nephew too. yay!

Harper Family said...

What the crap?! Why do I not know about this dress line?? Expect a phone call from me later today!!
Okay, back to my original reason for leaving a comment:
He is cute! Oh my adorable is he?! I'm glad everything went well for Tracy.