Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, it has been quite a while since I posted anything...We haven't been up to much, just working. Brian has been gone during the week for pretty much the whole summer, so on the weekends we've just been spending time with each other.

One neat thing we did recently was prepare talks for sacrament meeting. Our ward celebrated Father's Day a week late, because of High Council Sunday. Anyways, I was asked to speak on grandfathers, and Brian was asked to speak on fathers. It was really fun for both of us to prepare for these talks, just because we got to reminisce. So, I thought since we enjoyed remembering the good times and those awesome men who came before us, I would share some of my talk with all of you.

Writing this talk gave me the opportunity to reflect on the many great things I learned from my own grandfathers, who have both now passed on; Duane Marvin Park and Wendell Harvey Oliver:
Some of my fondest memories of my Grandpa Marvin were riding in the rear bucket of his John Deere lawn mower. Bouncing around the back of the International Bomb (An old van type vehicle); sitting in his old green boat while he pulled skiers around Mona Reservoir; playing with his tools while he worked on a project in his shop. And my favorite, Him pushing me in the front yard tire swing. I remember the day he died, and me sitting on my grandma’s lap telling her that I would come see her everyday, so she wouldn’t get lonely. .

Grandpa Wendell on the other hand lived in Washington, so we didn’t see him as often, but knew he loved just as much. He always hugged me really tight and called me princess. (Even just last year); He taught me how to golf and even let me drive the cart; He’d take us on long drives and would tell us unbelievable stories from his life. He was the reason I chose to come to Washington State- To carry on the family tradition of being a Coug. And now I look forward to the temple work our family will be able to do for him.
I am so grateful to have had those two amazing men in my life.

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