Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rupp Family Reunion

So we recently returned from the ever-famous RUPP FAMILY REUNION. The Rupps compare this event to the Olympics...Well, it wasn't exactly the Olympics, but it was tons of fun. Brian's Grandparents have 8 children, over 65 grandchildren, and who knows how many great-grandchildren. Approximately 160 of us gathered at Lake Cascade to celebrate the Dale and Dorothy Rupp Family. We camped, ate really well, had a volleyball tournament, hung out, and the two most favorites-Shooting the breeze and water-skiing. I got to meet cousins I'd never met before...and was basically officially welcomed to the Rupp clan, after 3 years. Overall, it was a blast. We can't wait to do it all again in two years.
Well, enjoy the slide show. Most of them are of Brian. Basically, I was the photographer, and I hadn't showered for three days. So I was looking pretty hot, NOT. Enjoy!

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The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

That water looked amazingly smooth...I want to so skiing on it!!

Looks like a fun reunion...I love family!