Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lindsey 's Baptism

We had an awesome Easter weekend. Not only did we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, we also had the opportunity to participate in the baptism of our sister-in-law Lindsey. It was such a nice baptism, and Brian had the privilege of baptizing her.
A few weeks prior to that I was able to visit temple square with her. It was so special. She definitely has a spirit about her. We are so proud of Lindsey and the choices that she and Levi have made for their lives.

Levi, Lindsey, and the Elders that taught her.
Rodney (Our other brother) and his girlfriend Kami (Lindsey's sister).

Aren't they cute!

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Roo & Gina said...

Nolan saw Brian's head and laughed saying "his hair fell off." He then said it would grow back. I got a good laugh.