Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Story About a Dog Named Griz

Okay... So a few weeks ago we had a request from our niece and nephew in Utah to see more pictures of our dog Grizz. They absolutely love Grizz. So I thought that in this blog I would tell you all about the adventures of Grizzly Bear Rupp.
We once were told by a local farmer that dogs have a tendency to wander when the springtime hits. We had no idea that it would really happen....Twice. So Brian and I took a quick trip to Kamiah for Presidents Day Weekend. We asked out neighbor to go over to our house to check on Griz because we had left him unhooked and free to wonder the property. Well, the neighbor called back to say the Griz was no where to be found. We thought he was just prowling around our area, but he still wasn't home when arrived the next morning. That very morning as Brian was driving to school he got a call from the U of I Dairy Feed Mill where he works. His boss said that our dog was there, and had been there for a couple of days. The thing is is that the Feed Mill is in Moscow, ID, 8 miles away. And while Grizz had been to work with Brian several times before that, the only route he had been on was a 5 lane high way. So we are figuring that that is the way her traveled on his little journey.
Griz's next adventure took place only one week after his journey to the Feed Mill. We were very cautious with him after that adventure, but one morning after Brian had let him off of his chain he just disappeared. He was gone for 3 days and we thought he was dead. Everyday we would call for him, but got no response. Finally that weekend, Sunday, I was sitting in our living room and I heard a small ruckus outside on our porch. And low and behold it was the Grizzly Bear himself. He was starving and thirsty, but still his happy little self. We were so happy to have him home, but mad a the same time for putting us through that.
What a Guy! We really do love the little fella!
So we hope you enjoyed the stories for Griz's adventures. There will probably be more. Who know maybe instead of writing about our dog, someday we will write about our kids. But for now His stories will do.


Harper Family said...

You gotta love dogs, even when they drive you crazy sometimes! Grizz is such a cutie!!

Roo & Gina said...

Thanks for the pictures and story. Nolan and Madelyn loved the pictures!

tara said...

aah...those pictures up close are so cute. i miss you guys and griz of course. poor little guy. lets get together soon. you never told me about a no-go? you people and your jobs--lame :) love ya dude. keep the stories comin, babies or not. we love em